How Tech Influencers Can Make Money on Instagram With Affiliate Marketing

How Tech Influencers Can Make Money on Instagram With Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing industry is expected to exceed $8 billion in 2020.

There's a lot of value in affiliate marketing if you know how to do it right. Finding the opportunity to make some income from Instagram as an affiliate can help you make a passive income.

Tech influencers, in particular, can take advantage of Instagram with affiliate marketing. They can showcase their knowledge of certain tech products and promote them to their audience, which helps them make some revenue.

If you're a tech influencer or want to be a tech influencer, here's a guide on how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Before you become a tech influencer, you should know the basics of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is taking a percentage of revenue from a brand. You can market that brand on Instagram or any other platform. When someone buys from the brand that you are marketing through the link in your post; you earn a certain percentage of the revenue.

For example, if an influencer on social media was promoting a specific brand of clothing and people bought the clothing through the link in the post, that influencer would earn a percentage of revenue from that brand.

How Do You Make Money on Instagram With Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to learn more about tech influencers and how they can make money on Instagram, it requires understanding the strategies involved that can make an influencer the most money.

Tech influencers sign up with a tech brand(like Samsung or Apple) in order to become an influencer through them. Sometimes the influencer needs to reach out to the brand and other times the brand will contact the influencer.

After becoming an affiliate the influencer is given a link for their followers that will send them to a product or service to buy or become interested in. When a follower clicks on that link and/or buys the product/service the influencer will receive a portion of the revenue gained by the brand.

For example: a tech influencer can sign up with Amazon's affiliate program and market their products on Instagram.

If you're wondering how to specifically make money on Instagram as a tech influencer, here are some ways that can help.

Promoting Products

When someone buys something from a brand(through your affiliate link), you get a percentage of that revenue. To maximize the amount of clicks on you need to market the brand's product as best as possible. Read below to find out more:

You also need to understand that there's more to showcasing the product besides showing a picture or video of it.

One of the ways you can promote a product on Instagram as an influencer is to use your Instagram bio. Whenever someone visits your page, you can show them an affiliate link.

You can have a “call to action” that signals people to purchase or subscribe to a product. If someone clicks on it and buys it, you earn a percentage of the income.

Another way to display your affiliate link is to have it linked to your image and video posts, this way your followers can easily see and click to the products in your post. People can click on it whenever you post something whether it's a new post or old. If you aim for a wider audience to see what you're promoting, you can promote your post through the social media platform and more people can see your affiliate link.

It's important to disclose you're an affiliate so you don't falsely advertise what you are promoting and/or break the terms of service on the social media platform you post on.

The Best Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Although you may know the ways to promote products as an affiliate, you should consider some of these strategies that can boost your sales (especially if you're a tech influencer).


When you post a video on Instagram, remember to discuss the value of the product you are promoting. You can also show the product during a live session about how to use the product you are promoting.

Video is a great way to show you using the device instead of just showing why people should buy it. Your followers want to trust that you know what you are doing when you show that you are using it.

Avoid Overselling

Another tip to consider when promoting a product is to avoid overselling. You don't want to exclusively post pictures and videos that tell people to buy something.

If you're a tech influencer, remember to show the value of the tech you are promoting. Show them why it's useful, why you would use it, and how much value they can get out of it. Remember to be creative!

The more conversational you make the product and show why it's useful, the more likely someone is to buy it.

Choose a Tech Niche

Another important because part of becoming an affiliate is to make sure you have a niche. The easiest way to do this is to be yourself and choose what product, services, or brands stand out to you and why. You can choose to be an affiliate for only certain brands or certain products.

For example, you can choose to only advertise Apple or Windows products. The more you know about them, the more you can show their value. You can also show people use them and which ones they should buy based on what you are interested in.

As a tech influencer, you should be familiar with a certain set of products. When you become the trusted authority for a particular tech niche, you'll have more people come looking to you for advice on what to purchase.

As a result, you'll produce more sales because you will be seen as someone who produces true value.

Now It's Your Turn to Get Started

If you want to learn affiliate marketing as a tech influencer, you need to know exactly what to do. You need to be aware of the strategies involved and how it can help connect you and your affiliate links with an audience.

In addition, the more you know about, the more information you can provide to your followers. You can show them the value of the product you are promoting and why you use it yourself.

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