How to remove your Apple device from its iCloud account

1. Head to and sign in with your apple account:

Sign in iCloudSign in iCloud

2. At the top of the page, click all devices and then click the device that needs to be removed:

Select Device

3. Choose the option that says ERASE. You will need to confirm your Apple ID and Password:

Erase DeviceErase ConfirmationEnter Password

4. You will need to choose a 6 digit code in case you try to recover this device. This won’t be needed if you’re selling the device so you can choose any 6 numbers. You will need to confirm your selection by re-entering the code. Then hit DONE:

Enter Passcode

5. It will take some time to erase. Then, click the X next to the device to remove it from the account and click REMOVE:

Remove DeviceRemove Confirmation