Published January 25, 2022

Remove Google Activation Lock

An activation lock prevents someone else from gaining access to your phone should it be lost or stolen. If you're returning, replacing or selling your phone the lock should be disabled beforehand. If the activation lock is not removed from the phone it renders the phone unusable to anyone other than yourself.

  • 1
    Switch the device ON
  • 2
    Go to
  • 3
    Top Accounts or Users & Accounts
  • 4
    Select the account type, which in this case would be Google
  • 5
    You will now see a list of Google emails that are linked to your device. Select the first account
  • 6
    You will now see Sync Settings for the selected account. Tap the menu icon (three vertical dots) on the top right-hand corner
  • 7
    Tap Remove account
  • 8
    Confirm by tapping Remove account again
  • 9
    Repeat steps 5 to 8 until ALL Google Accounts have been removed from your device

Removing an account does not delete any data from your Google Account, your device will simply stop syncing data.

If you are unable to complete the steps above, you would also be able to remove the Google Account from the phone by accessing your Google Account online.