What model iPad do you have?

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sellshark, the time has come. I need to sell my iPad.
We know what that means. The time for long nights on the couch, just you and the glowing light of your iPad, is over. Maybe you're selling your iPad because you're going for an upgrade, or maybe you're selling your iPad because it's cracked or broken. Whatever the reason, we're here to help ensure that you get full value for your iPad. Doesn't matter if it's still in the box, has a cracked screen, or won't turn on at all - we're interested.
So. Let's talk about selling your iPad and see what kind of offer we can come up with, shall we?
Of all the places to sell my iPad, why should I go with sellshark? Why not Tim from Craigslist?
Let's have a talk about Tim from Craigslist. Tim from Craigslist (and advanced apologies to all the Tims of the world) might send an email then disappear. Or he might haggle. Or worse, he might not haggle until after you've already met, at which point you need to decide whether you want to go back to the drawing board, or whether you want to suck up the loss. At sellshark, we're completely transparent throughout the sales process - you know exactly how much you're going to receive, and when you can expect to receive it. Unlike Tim, we also have a ton of positive customer reviews, which you can check out here.
Okay, okay, I'm convinced. So how's this all work?
Brace yourself - you're about to experience the breathtakingly easy process of selling something to sellshark. It's a four step process that you could do in your sleep (probably).
Step 1
Tell us what type of iPad you're trying to sell. What generation is it? How much memory does it have? And what condition is it in - don't worry, we'll still buy your iPad even if it's a little banged up. Based on this information, we'll make you an immediate offer.
Step 2
If you like our offer, click "Accept."
Step 3
Fill in your shipping details and print out our free shipping label. Package your iPad and send it to us.
Step 4
Receive payment. We pay through PayPal, Smart Card, or check - whatever's easiest for you. As soon as we've verified your iPad's condition, we'll send out payment.