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It's been a long journey sellshark, but it's time to sell my Mac.
Remember that feeling you had when you first unboxed your brand new Mac? It was your portal into the world of late night online gaming, or hours of scrolling through social media. The ease of use helped you through countless University assignments. But now you no longer need it, Maybe you have a new better laptop, Or maybe you just don't use it anymore and want some cash. Whatever the reason may be that you want to sell your Mac we are ready to make you a competitive offer. So Let's talk about why you should sell your Mac to us instead of putting it on eBay and crossing your fingers.
What's this sellshark advantage I keep hearing about?
At sellshark, We use all of our resources to make sure we can offer you the best price for your old Mac. What we mean by this is when we receive old and broken laptops we do not simply just recycle them, we harvest all of the good parts from them and build fully functional machines. We value each and every part inside the Apple Mac that is why we are able to offer the highest amount for your MacBook. Once we've given you a quote, we also offer a 30 day guarantee – essentially, ship us your Mac at any point during those 30 days with the free shipping label our program provides, and we'll give you the amount we quoted. This lets you shop around if you're so inclined. Finally, if you have any questions, you can contact us at anytime – we actually answer our phone instead of leaving you hanging with some robot messaging service. These three factors are just a part of the sellshark Advantage.
Okay so I am convinced, how do I sell my MacBook Air to sellshark?
Over the past year, we've streamlined our process to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to sell your Mac. Here's how it works:
Step 1
Answer a handful of questions about your Mac. Don't worry – it's multiple choice. We just need to know the model, screen size, type of processor, hard drive, year, any accessories you're selling, and its condition. Basically – the standard info you'd expect before making an offer.
Step 2
We instantly make you an offer.
Step 3
You choose how you want to be paid – PayPal, Bank Transfer, or check.
Step 4
You fill out your shipping information.
Step 5
Using one of our free shipping labels, you ship your computer to us.
Step 6
We receive your computer, double-check its condition, then send you your money.
Where do I start?
Ready to sell your Mac for top dollar? Click on one of the boxes above and telling us a little bit more about your Mac device. If you need help getting an offer you can also send us your serial number and we will create an offer for you.