What Model Mac Mini?


    The Mac Mini

    The Mac mini may be small, but it's not the size of the dog in the fight: the Mac mini has specs equal to desktop computers twice as big. With both dual and quad-core options, the mini is capable of handling streaming video, music, and games. On newer models, the Turbo Boost 2.0 ramps clock speed to 3.6GHz. The graphics are startling good and games play smoothly. The Mac mini is strong enough to edit HD video, which is quite the compliment.

    Why Sell to AppleShark?

    Do you want to spend your time haggling on Craigslist, or do you want to sell your Mac mini for a fair price as fast as possible? We're speed demons at AppleShark (if you're a police officer, the previous comment does not apply to our driving). There's no sense wasting time waiting around for something to happen. As soon as you tell us what model you have, and what condition it's in, we can give you a quote. Accept the quote, and you have a whopping 45 days to send your Mac mini to us.

    Selling Your Mac Mini to AppleShark

    You've already completed the first step: finding us. Next, we'll need a bit more information about your Mac mini. For starters, you'll have to select what model you have. After that, tell us what condition it's in - is it still in the original packaging, is it broken, or is it somewhere in between. Even if it's broken, you can relax - we'll still buy it.

    Once we have the information, we give you a quote. You accept the offer and we email you a shipping label. Attach the shipping label to your properly packaged Mac mini, and as soon as it arrives, we'll send the agreed upon amount of money in your direction.

    We'll Buy Other Apple Products

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