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About sellshark


So what is sellshark exactly?

Simple. We buy electronics, repair electronics, and sell electronics. Everything from MacBooks to broken iPhones.

Okay. I want to sell my Apple device. Now what?

After you've accepted our quote, you print off a free, pre-paid shipping label. Slap it on a box and send your device to us. We check out your device, then send the amount we quoted you via PayPal, express check, or an old fashioned regular check. Whatever you prefer.

And now that you have the device?

We have some of the best technicians in the biz. Our Apple techs are all certified, and they repair the Apple devices we buy, then we look for resale opportunities

But where are you from? What's your sign?

You want the full story?


Here's the deal - we take Apple products seriously. We have an employee dedicated to refreshing Apple's website, waiting for the next bite of news.

When a new Apple product comes out, two things happen. First, the lineups at the Apple store get INSANE. Second, every previous Apple product is devalued. It became tougher to sell an iPhone 5 when the iPhone 6 arrived.

We make sure you get money for your out of date or broken Apple products.

Give us your tired, your poor, your masses of iPhones with cracked screens! Sell them to sellshark and you'll receive a cash offer that's up to 50% more than other sites.

Wait. How can you offer 50% more for my broken iPod and remain in business?

Because we're surrounded by an avalanche of Apple products. Seriously. The sheer volume of product at sellshark headquarters is amazing. We have so many Apple products that we had to move to a bigger office. That's one of the reasons we provide instant quotes - we need to keep things moving! We also have technicians capable of dealing with a plethora of Apple product problems.

So, let's talk about that Apple device you want to sell.

And welcome to sellshark.

So how's this all work?

It’s super easy!

Step 1
Tell us about your Apple device. iPhone, iPod, Mac? What condition is it in?
Step 2
We give you an instant quote that's guaranteed for 30 days.
Step 3
Attach your free USPS shipping label to your properly packaged Apple device, and send it to us.
Step 4
We process your device and send you payment on the same business day. Your choices of check or paypal.