Time to Say Goodbye and Sell My iPhone

Your iPhone has been with you through it all. It's been there for late night texting sessions with your best friend, afternoons playing games and waiting for the bus, and those desperate searches for directions to a friend's new apartment. But after many wonderful years of service, it's time to say goodbye as you move on to a new phone. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to just toss your old iPhone in the trash. It still has value. That's why you need to sell your broken iPhone to sellshark. We'll ensure that you get full value for it.

Why You Should Sell Your iPhone to sellshark

Let's look at the facts. If you try to sell your iPhone on Craigslist, you're going to spend most of your time chasing down prospective buyers, or dealing with people trying to haggle you down. When you sell your broken iPhone to sellshark (it doesn’t have to be broken), you can see the exact amount we'll give you before you send it in. Top that off with our 30 day quote guarantee and our excellent customer reviews, and you can see why going with sellshark is in your best interest. We also make things easy by paying you in the form you prefer, whether that's PayPal, check, or Square Instant Card.

The sellshark Sales Process

To make things extra easy, allow us to walk you through the sellshark sales process.  

First, you need to let us know what type of iPhone you're planning to sell. This includes generation, memory information, and what network you're currently on. Next, tell us what condition it’s in - is it brand new out of the box, or does it have some cracked glass? From here, you'll be able to see our offer and choose whether to accept it or not. Finally, you just have to type in your shipping information, package your iPhone, and send it our way. Once we receive it, we'll send your money out the same day.  

Ready to Make a Deal?

If you're thinking "I’m ready to sell my iPhone" or "I want to trade in my iPhone," then we're ready to make you a deal. And remember - just because you receive your sellshark quote today, doesn't mean you have to send your phone in immediately. You can wait up to 30 days and our offer is still good.

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