iPhone 5S , iPhone 6 Plus
Yoshiko V
March 04, 2016
Mailed my phone on Monday and received the money on Friday :) Thank you!!
iPhone 5C
Sandra K
February 18, 2016
iPhone 6
McKay C
February 05, 2016
Pleasantly Surprised! They had the highest cash offer of anyone else I researched. They sent regular updates throughout the order, and my check came in the mail like promised! Very happy with my experience.
iPhone 6S Plus
Mark S
February 02, 2016
SellShark is amazing!! I would recommend them to anyone who is selling Apple products. They give the most money over anyone.
4th Generation
Don P
January 26, 2016
amazing..... using again for sure
Sport , Watch
Ryan G
January 22, 2016
You guys have been awesome every time and will continue to use you for all my apple sell backs. You guys are also the highest bid every time so keep that up.
iPad 1
Michael A
January 09, 2016
This is a great service for people who would like to recycle their old devices. I will recommend this company to everyone. Thanks for the great service!
iPhone 6
Jason T
December 30, 2015
This is the best site to sell and donate all of your apple products. If your device is in pristine condition or if its absolutely broken and unusable, SellShark ( used to be called AppleShark) will give you the best quote, unbeatable price and you will get paid immediately. Highly recommended! 5 Stars. Thank you SellShark
Apple TV
Victor P
December 03, 2015
Christopher L
December 02, 2015
So easy to do! Typed sell iPhone into the search engine, jackpot. Made a little money and got rid of a phone laying around! Thank you sellshark
iPhone 6 Plus
Romeo D
October 29, 2015
So easy to sell old iPhone to them. Fast at paying you also. Will gladly sell to them again next time I upgrade.
Dan M
October 26, 2015
Dear Sellshark, I'm glad I found your company, I am so utterly impressed with the way you conduct business. I have done a couple of transactions recently and was asked to leave a review.....so here are my thoughts; Today in business, there seem to be fewer and fewer organizations that are willing to do the small things, and do them well. Sell Shark is an outstanding service that I have recommended numerous times since my dealings with them...and not just recommending because I found them, but I have felt comfortable and confident that anyone using your company will be just as happy and confident to do the same. You pay for the shipment of the equipment, and have a totally hassle free process if you have an electronic to sell!! I absolutely love using your website, and wish there were more companies out there that actually care and go the extra step for your customers!! Thank you for making things so easy! Sincerely, Dan M
iPhone 5S
Stanley B
October 23, 2015
Very fast
iPhone 5S , iPhone 6
Stanley B
October 22, 2015
iPhone 5S
Tyler S
October 09, 2015
Made it easy for me to get decent money for my corrupt iPhone 5S!
5th Generation
October 05, 2015
I think yall is an good company, keep up the good work, A++++.
iPad 2
Brenda D
October 05, 2015
Very impressed! Did exactly what they said they would do. Very fast and professional. Will definitely do business with them again.
iPad 3
Mariano S
October 01, 2015
iPhone 5S
Amy H
September 07, 2015
So easy and payment was as promised! Love sellshark!!! Will use again!
iPad Mini 1
Alicia O
August 24, 2015
Best place to sell Apple products. This is my second transaction with them. Both times it was seamless. Thank you Jon, and Apple Shark.
iPhone 4S
Tyler E
August 24, 2015
You guys continue to amaze me again. Thank You! Fast, free and easy; just the way I like it.
iPhone 5C
Deborah B
August 16, 2015
excellent service and very quick, nothing but good things to say about them
iPhone 5C
Ryan R
August 08, 2015
Sellshark was very helpful and patient with me. My phone was linked to my iCloud account. I was having trouble figuring out how to release it. Jon Slyman from Sellshark personally reached out to me to help. Thanks guys!
iPhone 4S
August 02, 2015
So easy to do! Made a little money and got rid of a phone laying around! Thank you sellshark!
iPhone 5S
Dustin K
July 30, 2015
Awesome company to sell to. Look forward to selling old/used phones again in the near future.
iPhone 5
Amanda E
July 27, 2015
Fast payment and easy to work with. I considered selling to Amazon and Ebay but sellshark was fast and simple! Highly recommend.
Macbook Pro
Wilfredo G
July 15, 2015
When I bought my mac, It was a great experience, fast ship and good services
iPhone 4 , iPhone 5 , iPad Mini 1
Tyler E
July 10, 2015
I got my money fast (3 days after shipped). When I called the customer service reps where friendly and AMERICAN. I would defiantly recommend this site to someone getting rid of their old apple devices.
iPhone 6
Sarah S
June 22, 2015
This was a fabulous experience and I would highly recommend this company to anyone and would trade with them again!
Macbook Pro
Sanjay G
April 20, 2015
You guys are honest and prompt. I will do business with you again. Thank you
iPhone 5S
Stacy W
March 27, 2015
iPhone 5
Jake D
March 23, 2015
I attempted to use a different sell-back sevice (Glyde) initially. I ended up waiting 5 weeks and failed to sell my iPhone. After that experience, I was hesitant to try sellshark. However, they exceeded my expectations! I got a better price for my iPhone and it took just a matter of days to complete my transaction. I was so pleasantly surprised. I would recommend sellshark to anyone trying to sell their device! The whole process was frustration-free with good communication and excellent results. I only wish I had found sellshark earlier. A++ rating
iPhone 5
Kristine K
December 27, 2014
I have done several transactions with Sellshark and have been most pleased in all cases. The process is easy and the payment was prompt. The price I received from Sellshark was competitive with what AT&T and Apple were prepared to pay me and allowed me to keep my old phone until I got my new iPhone configured to my satisfaction - an option which I would not have had with AT&T or Apple, both of which required that I relinquish my old phone at the time of purchase of the new device. All told, I have been very pleased with Sellshark and, in fact, have recommended it to friends and family.
Mmarc C
November 25, 2014
It's easy to put out a personality -- approachable, cool, simple -- like you guys have. It's an absolute bitch to back it up with service and by delivering on a promise. You've done both. Exceptionally well, I might add. I was just notified that there's cash in my PayPal account. Yes, I was really skeptical at first, but figured that since you're in St. Louis, I could at least come knocking. No need. Thanks for being legit and putting your promise where your mouth is. I wish you the best going forward.
Dan D
November 22, 2014
Sellshark does indeed, Rock! I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so here goes... When my iPhone 4 screen was badly cracked by the impact of a falling object, I was pretty distressed. The phone still worked, but it required scraping up my fingers to operate it. I upgraded to the iPhone 5, but had a phone that still worked beyond the cracked glass. While researching if anyone buys these to repair the glass for resale, I came across Sellshark. They had the cleanest bidding interface, with the most options for payment, which gave me some confidence they had invested in the front end of this business. What was REALLY great is that they offered me more for the phone than two other sites that are well-known in the buyback business. I was admittedly a bit leery about working with a company I didn't know a lot about, but I also did not find any obvious negative review trends while doing research on the web. So, I printed the free shipping label they provided and submitted my phone with charger and all. I really like that they gave me a USPS tracking number on the label, and the post office handed me a tracking receipt when they scanned it at the counter. Today I received an email from Sellshark stating my status had changed to "Item Received." Within a few hours after that - BINGO - I had an email from Paypal that the money I was quoted had been sent, along with an Sellshark email that they had paid me. I know this is lengthy, but as I said, credit is due here. I am recommending Sellshark based on the clean interface, easy shipping process, and even quicker payment upon receipt. Well done, Sellshark. Well done!
Michele W
November 22, 2014
About 2 months ago I decided to sell my broken iPhone 5 that was laying around. I googled and checked various sites that would purchase it. Sellshark had the best price by far of any. I got my quote and mailed my phone to Sellshark on a Saturday. Monday morning, I received an email that they had the phone. Two hours later that day I received another email that they approved the online quote. And on Wednesday, YES 2 DAYS LATER, I had my check! Didn't even take a week from start to finish. I totally recommend you to anyone.
Tony R
November 22, 2014
I was skeptical at first. I've never heard of Sellshark, so I was a bit worried when sending out my broken phone to a random company. Sellshark received my phone quickly and sent out a check which I received about three days later. I checked with other companies, and Sellshark paid me the most for my broken 5s. Gazelle only wanted to give me $99 for the phone. The EcoATM only wanted to give me $75! Sellshark doubled Gazelle and then some! Next time I need to sell an Apple device, Sellshark will be the first place I turn to.
Katherine B
November 22, 2014
Even though I had read positive reviews, I was nervous sending in my device to Sellshark because it seems you never know what could be a scam these days. Luckily, Sellshark not only offered me BY FAR the best and most reasonable price for my iPhone but they sent me my check quickly. I deposited it, and it was real! It is great to know that there are good companies out there. The process was so simple and quick! I was so upset when I broke my iPhone and had to get a new one, thank you Sellshark for buying my phone so that it wasn't a total loss. Trust your old or broken phone with Sellshark, they will take care of you.
Tina H
November 22, 2014
Thanks for buying my husband's old, damaged iPhone®. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, since I'd never heard of you guys, but everything was on the up-and-up, and you did exactly what you said you'd do---in a timely manner, too! Thanks, again, Jon! I know where to go, the next time I want to sell my used Apple® products, and I'll be sure to tell my friends, as well.
Peter K
November 22, 2014
In my role as a tech guy, I have dealt with a number of companies in the field. Recently, after having some issues with Apple, we sought the help of a third party apple dealer. We experienced customer service far beyond what we ever would have expected, and assistance even when we didn't end up using them. In short, they were fantastic to us and we will return to them with any future business!