There are many reasons you may want to sell your iPad — maybe it has a massive crack on the screen, or you're just tired of it, and you need something new.

No matter the reason, once you start toying with the idea of selling your iPad, it might be time to let it go for a decent sum of money.

Is It Time to Sell Your iPad? You Should Sell If…

From our frequent conversations with customers, we've picked out the top three reasons while people want to sell their iPad and other Apple products:

You No Longer Use Your iPad

When was the last time you picked up your iPad and used it for a task? Was it a few hours ago, a few days, or more? If your iPad is gathering dust in a corner of your house, it's time to pull it out and put it up for sale.

You’d Like Some Quick and Easy Cash

Before filling out that application for a short-term loan, consider listing your used iPad for sale on SellShark. Selling your old device is an excellent way to get cash for pressing needs and to avoid dealing with collateral, interest rates, and high credit score requirements.

You Want to Buy a Newer iPad Model

Apple is consistently releasing new iPad models, and with each of these releases comes new cool features that you shouldn't be missing out on. Your four-year-old iPad Air 2 and its iOS may be woefully out of date. Whatever money you make from the sale can go into buying a newer model, like an iPad Pro.

Benefits of Selling Your iPad With SellShark

Instead of waiting endlessly for a laptop buyer on a site like eBay to contact you, you can sell your MacBook Pro instantly with Sellshark and for the best price too! This is how it works.
Receive an Instant Quote

Receive an Instant Quote

in Under 17 Seconds!
Once you list the details of your old iPad on SellShark, we'll make you a good offer for it in less than 17 seconds. When you accept the offer, fill in your shipping details, print out our free shipping label and then send the device over to us.
You Don’t Have to Wait for a Buyer

You Don’t Have to Wait for a Buyer

Selling a used iPad isn't easy to do on your own. You'll spend a lot of time looking for the right buyers and negotiating pricing. You could be struggling to get this item off your hands for months.
With SellShark, you don’t have to wait for a buyer. Whether you're trying to sell your iPad 3, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 2, we’ll make you an enticing offer in less than 60 seconds.
Guaranteed and Fast Payment!

Guaranteed and Fast Payment!

Once we confirm your iPad’s condition, payout happens almost immediately. We pay via Smart Card, PayPal, or check — you’re free to tell us your preferred payment method, and we'll make it happen.
Sell Your iPad With Confidence

Sell Your iPad With Confidence

Our customers love us and always share fantastic five-star reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber . We'll buy your used Apple iPad at the best price and you'll receive your money a few hours after we get the item.

What to Do Before Selling Your Used iPad

Backup or Transfer Your iPad’s Content

Selling your old iPad doesn't mean you should lose your information. You should always aim to back up the critical data you have on the device. If you've already got a new iPad, use Quick Start to transfer information from the old gadget automatically.

Clear Your Device of Any Personal Information

You don't know where your old iPad will end up, so it's wise to protect your private data. You need to clear any personal information on the old iPad and remove it from your list of trusted devices. You should also disconnect this Apple device from your Apple Watch or iPhone.

Log Out of Your iCloud or iTunes Account

Signing out of your iCloud or iTunes account before selling your iPad keeps your data safe and makes things easier for the device's new owner. To do this:
1. Connect your Apple device to Wi-Fi.
2. Open up the settings on your device.
3. Select "iCloud".
4. Scroll to the very bottom and click "Sign Out". Enter your password to confirm.
Selling your used iPad on SellShark

Selling your used iPad on SellShark

Selling on Sellshark is quick and easy, with zero hassles. You'll get your money in no time, so you can start planning for the new device you’re going to purchase.